Configure Mac Mail for Premium Hosted Email

Set up a Premium Hosted Email account with Mac Mail

  1. Open Mac Mail and select File then Add Account
  2. If prompted, select “Add other mail account…”
  3. On the next screen enter in your Full Name, entire Email Address (including domain e.g., and Password before clicking Continue.
  4. Enter the following information into the fields below:
    • Account Type – Select POP
    • Mail Server – In the Server address field enter the server provided by support (for SSL you must use
    • User Name – Enter in your entire email address (e.g.
    • Password – Enter in the password associated with the email account you are setting up.
  5. Click the Continue button, and then click the Create button. Your account will then connect and mail will soon begin flowing to your inbox.

Using SSL for POP/SMTP

The SSL protocol allows you to send and receive secure email messages.

  1. Select Mail / Preferences
  2. Click the Accounts button
  3. Click once on your account, as it appears in the Accounts list
  4. To use the secure incoming mail server
    1. In the Incoming Mail Server box, enter the secure server name:
    2. Click the Advanced tab
    3. Check the Use SSL box
    4. The number in the Port box will change automatically. The secure POP server port is 995.
  5. To use the secure outgoing mail server
    1. Click the Account Information tab
    2. Click the drop-down menu on the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) box. Select Edit Server List…
    3. Click the Account Information tab
    4. In the Server Name box, enter the secure server name:
    5. Click the Advanced tab
    6. Check the Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) box
    7. Replace the default Server port with the secure port 465 or 587 (support by your ISP may vary)
    8. Confirm that “Password” is selected in Authentication
    9. Confirm that your full email address and password are entered into the appropriate fields
    10. Click the OK button
  6. Close the Accounts window
  7. When prompted to save your changes, click the Save button